Redefining reverence through architectural magnificence

Whether at its numerous scenic memorial parks or groundbreaking integrated memorial centres in Kuala Lumpur and Singapore, Nirvana has taken columbarium design to new heights. Drawing influences from both traditional and modern concepts to create spectacular memorials, Nirvana looks to not only revitalizing interest in reverence and commemoration of departed love ones, but to also promote culture and spirituality in urban communities as a whole.

By integrating five-star elements such as air-conditioning, cafes, resting lounges, memorial parlours, activity centres, beautiful interior design and comfortable furnishings in columbaria, Nirvana includes prioritizing visitor comfort on top of maintaining traditional values in paying respects to those gone before. Regardless of beliefs and spirituality, Nirvana’s columbaria provide for all needs and walks of life.

Semenyih - Nirvana Memorial Garden 士毛月 - 世外桃源

双人骨灰位从RM 11,900起 Double Niche From RM 11,900
单人骨灰位从 RM 8,400起 Single Niche From RM 8,400

桃源古镇 Oriental Villa


See the archway of Oriental Villa from far, stepping into this veritable ancient town you can see ancient buildings in everywhere. Listening to the gurgling water, you will see small bridges, flowing water and surrounded by a small river, seem like you are back to the past, feeling the conflict between modernity and history. At side also have a Chinese Calligraphy Stone Gallery strongly Chinese cultural atmosphere, hidden in the shadow of trees.


极乐殿 Ji Le Dian


Located on top of a small hill, the two-story design allows you to see higher and farther scenery. Looking across the jungle, you can see the entire Nirvana Memorial Garden under your feet. It airy and comfortable, the wind carries your thoughts to the elders and ancestors.


基督徒艺术骨灰殿 Christian Columbarium


When you arrive, the statue of Jesus seems to welcoming you, plunge into the arms of Jesus. Up to the stairs, you will see a background of stained glass with white doves and cross. Following chant goes inside, the sun shines through the stained glass, sprinkled on you to feel the love of Jesus.

Shah Alam - Nirvana Memorial Garden 莎亚南 - 富贵山莊

双人骨灰位从RM 7,100起 Double Niche From RM 7,100
单人骨灰位从 RM 3,625起 Single Niche From RM 3,625

唐城 Tang Villa


The courtyard design is surrounded by green leaves have four pools in the middle, it is definitely a treasure place for energy. Behind the courtyard is another columbarium hall bamboo lends an exotic oriental atmosphere to the landscape. When you walk through the bamboo forest, the bamboo trees on the both sides are blown, and the bamboo leaves are rustling, and the atmosphere is extremely peaceful.

明宫 Ming Palace


The exterior of the Ming Dynasty building, walking inside intricate and beautiful designs embrace you, giving you a surreal experience of the actual Brahma Palace. There are Buddha statues of endless Buddha on all niche door. Under the shining of LED lights, it is like endless Buddha statues surrounding you.

百孝林 Heritage Court


The red walls surrounded by green shades, are full of the colors of the Chinese people, and the clean environment is integrated with a strong retro feeling. Here you can also appreciate the history thousands of years and reminding us to exemplify the act of piety in our daily life and also to pass on the virtue from generation to generations.

永恒生命馆 Perpetual Garden


The circular building is designed mainly in white and black, bringing out a holy and solemn atmosphere. Stepping into the Perpetual Garden, a large cross hung on the wall, surrounded by white gauze and white flowers, so that you can understand the eternal life and the goodness in life continue here and ever after.

Kuala Lumpur - Nirvana Centre KL 吉隆坡 - 富贵生命纪念馆

双人骨灰位从RM 14,400起 Double Niche From RM 14,400
单人骨灰位从 RM 7,900起 Single Niche From RM 7,900

  • 现代化的设计,颠覆你对传统骨灰殿的想法。踏入里面犹如5星级酒店般,全馆冷气化,灯光明亮,从大堂接待处到最高楼的三圣殿,处处都让你惊艳。我们以不同的骨灰殿设计给不同需求的朋友们。
  • 庄严的佛像,给各位佛教的朋友们
  • 十字架的设计,给基督教或天主教的兄弟姐妹们
  • 图书馆设计给生前爱看书的你,让你置身于图书馆的feel~一个骨灰位有前中后院的设计,还能存放你生前最爱的物品,让它永远陪着你。
  • 无宗教,无信仰者,我们特别为你打造莲花门的设计精致美观,莲作为花中君子,在中国传统文化中,更用来象征一种理想人格。


The modern design subverts your idea of the traditional columbarium. Stepping inside is like a 5-star hotel. The whole building is air-conditioned. From the reception to the Three Saints Hall on the highest building, you will be amazed everywhere.

  • The solemn Buddha statue, for all Buddhist friends
  • The design of the cross is for Christian or Catholic brothers and sisters
  • The library is designed for you who love to reading during your lifetime, and let you be in the feel of the library~ A cremains has the design of the front, middle and
  • backyard, and can also store your favorite items during your lifetime, so that it will accompany you forever.
  • For those who have no religion, we have specially created the design of the lotus gate for you to be exquisite and beautiful. As a gentleman in the flower, the lotus is used to symbolize an ideal personality in traditional Chinese culture.
Klang - Nirvana Memorial Park 巴生 - 富贵山莊

双人骨灰位从RM 24,400起 Double Niche From RM 24,400
单人骨灰位从 RM 12,400起 Single Niche From RM 12,400

三圣殿 Temple of the Three Saints


Located at the highest point of the entire Nirvana Klang, you can have a panoramic view of the endless scenery. The simple style design makes you feel like you are in a resort. Sitting on the sofa and enjoying the scenery, listening to the water sound of the lotus pond. Just as those who are placed here can find eternal rest in the infinite light of Buddha.